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Luxury vinyl plank flooring (LVP) is one of the fastest-growing products in the flooring industry today. People love it and are starting to see it everywhere they go. It is a beautiful alternative to hardwood floors or laminate flooring. At Paradise Flooring Solutions, we love offering it to our customers. Our difference over other flooring companies is that we bring our mobile flooring showroom to you to show you the top brands of flooring options in the comfort and privacy of your own home.Our installers are all licensed and insured professionals that give us the 5 star reputation that we are proud of. We save you time, money and energy as you navigate through the floor buying experience. Request a FREE in-home consultation today by calling us at (727) 422-8253 or contact us.

Wood plastic composite or WPC

WPC stands for wood plastic composite, which is a specific sub-category of flooring. It is fueling the recent growth in vinyl flooring. WPC has a fusion-core, meaning it is much more rigid than standard luxury vinyl plank floors, and therefore, the product doesn't expand or contract nearly as much as typical LVP and is waterproof. As a result, there are fewer potential problems with this product. Homeowners have embraced the aesthetic, ease of installation, and durability of this product.

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Benefits of vinyl plank flooring

There are many benefits of selecting a luxury vinyl plank flooring for your home or business. Here are a few of them.

Design & look
Luxury vinyl planks are available in a variety of colors, designs, and looks inspired by natural products, and some even are enhanced to feel similar to hardwood. In addition, because of the stability of the core, you can have longer and wider planks than typical hardwood products.

Durability & maintenance
LVP is an extremely durable and low maintenance flooring that looks like a very high-end tile. The huge advantage of vinyl plank and WPC is that they are waterproof. It is 100% moisture resistant, which is great for rooms that can easily have moisture from sinks, showers, or entryways. It’s perfect because surface water and spills will not affect the flooring. Vinyl plank is the ideal flooring solution for rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms, and businesses such as restaurants and cafes. If you have flurry loved ones, it is a perfect option, so you don’t have to worry when there is an accident.

Luxury vinyl plank is very durable that can withstand heavy traffic and is very popular because it resists scratches, stains, mildew, and moisture. It is easier on your body compared to wood or tile and can be installed over concrete, wood, terrazzo and tile subfloors. Vinyl Plank is excellent for Bathrooms and kitchens, where other hard surface products may not be ideal. Plus, luxury vinyl can be cleaned and maintained easily with soap and water.

Ease of installation

Luxury vinyl plank flooring can be installed on almost any subfloor, with the thicker floors being forgiving to imperfect subfloors. It can be used on top of cement, granite, tile, and other flat subfloors. The ease of installation of LVP and WPC products is another significant advantage compared to other floorings.

Flooring cost
Luxury vinyl plank flooring offers the high-end wood looks often associated with oil-finished floors at a lesser cost. There are many options for any budget. In addition, installation costs for LVP will typically be far less than the costs of installing other flooring floors.
Luxury vinyl flooring in Palm Harbor, FL from Paradise Flooring Solutions

Subfloor considerations

Before installing a vinyl plank floor, make sure that you talk with a knowledgeable flooring expert about installing on your existing flooring. You will need to make sure your subfloor meets these requirements:

  • In good condition
  • Free of damages
  • Smooth
  • Clean & dust-free

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