Congratulations! You are ready to replace the flooring, or at least some of it, in your home. That is a big decision and one worth the research. Albeit flooring is a significant investment from a financial standpoint. But it can even affect your quality of life. So, your personal opinion must be factored in when deciding on carpet vs. hardwood flooring for your home.

And when it comes to flooring solutions for your home,

“There are as many opinions as there are experts.”- Franklin D. Roosevelt

When your choices have been narrowed to carpet vs. hardwood, you genuinely weigh two completely different flooring products. In every aspect, they can be different.

For instance, carpet is soft, quiet, comes in the entire rainbow, and is not as expensive. While hardwood is a costly option, it is hard and lasting. But both options have their pros and cons depending on the use for your particular family. In the following article, we will present the options so that you can make a decision on carpet vs. hardwood… like an expert.

Carpet vs. hardwood: The differences to consider

As two of the most common flooring solutions, going in-depth to recognize the differences is in order. Especially when making such an important decision for your home and family, you do not want to go on financial or opinion only. So, let’s dive into the main categories of flooring differences.

  1. Lifespan
  2. Flooring Care
  3. Resistance Against the Elements
  4. Financial Cost
  5. Options Available
  6. Installation

Carpet vs. hardwood: Lifespan

With any flooring product, the harder you are on it, the sooner it will need cleaning and/or replacement. That said, the carpet needs replacement in about 10 years with proper care. And hardwood can last the lifetime of the home, again, with appropriate care.

Flooring care

When cleaning flooring, there are two opinions out there. Some feel carpet is easy to care for if you vacuum regularly and clean spills as soon as they happen. However, others think Hardwood is easier because the stains do not soak in with wood. Then again, you only need to vacuum a carpet and deep clean occasionally. Hardwood needs to be swept and mopped. So you see, it all depends on your preference. No doubt, dirt comes out of hardwood easier than carpet. But it takes more effort each time you must mop and sweep. And carpet hides dirt and pet hair better.

As far as durability is concerned, it all depends on your level of commitment to the project. Carpeting is less expensive. So, it allows the owner to change the entire flooring out every now and again. Hardwood is a lifetime investment. You will want to resurface it if needed and re-varnish after, But that only happens rarely.

All this to say, every flooring option needs some level of care.

Resistance against the elements

Heat and water are other things to think about when determining a flooring option. As for carpets, the synthetic fibers allow the carpeting to be very resistant to water damage. However, it does not go for the underflooring where mildew and mold can grow. Therefore, carpet is not recommended for bathrooms and kitchens. Additionally, the carpet will essentially melt from the heat.

Hardwood can also be damaged by heat and water. This product should not be used in bathrooms. In kitchens, hardwood should only be used if you can wipe up the spill immediately.

Frankly, both products should be used in rooms other than kitchens and bathrooms only.

Financial cost

The financial cost for carpet vs. hardwood is dependent on your perspective. You see, carpet is much less of an initial financial investment. And if you like to change things and remodel the home, you may want to go with the less expensive option.

However, if you are looking to never replace the flooring again, then hardwood might be worth the significant financial investment. Just know that it is quite a bit more than carpet.

Options available

Both carpet and hardwood can be cut to fit any size or shape of a room. There is no preference when it comes to size and shape. But if you want colors and textures, carpet is the choice for you. Hardwood comes in many neutral tones, but it is a natural product and is thus limited to its natural properties.

There are endless possibilities when carpeting is the choice. Carpet is synthetic and can be dyed in any color under the rainbow. And, carpet comes in Berbers, shags, commercial pile, and more.

The installation

Okay, there is no comparison on this one. You see, carpet can be installed in a day, whereas hardwood cannot. When installing carpet, there is an underlayment pad, staples, and a nail-down tack strip. Then the carpet is seamed, stretched, secured, and trimmed out, and it is complete.

Hardwood installation is a board-by-board process. Then the unfinished wood needs to be sanded, stained and top coated with several coats to protect the wood. Since the process takes quite a bit longer to complete, this adds to the cost of installation as well.

Why carpet is better than hardwood

At Paradise Flooring Solutions, we recommend carpet for most Florida homes. And the reasons why may come as a surprise to most homeowners. Here is why we choose carpet when the decision is carpet vs. hardwood.

  1. Carpet is not damaged by the humidity in the Florida air. Hardwood can begin to buckle and warp over time with the intense Florida humidity. But carpet remains unphased.
  2. Carpeting is less expensive. That is a given. From the product itself to the installation, the cost is significantly less. In addition, the removal of carpeting is less expensive than the removal of wood. Carpet is simply pulled out, and wood is a board-by-board process.
  3. There is more versatility in design with carpet. Whether you want a modern, retro, or traditional look, carpet comes in many piles, colors, and textures to make any room feel just like you want it to. With wood, you are making a lifetime decision. But with carpet, you can change the lookout with the time.
  4. Carpet floors add a softness to the look and feel of the home. If you have toddlers crawling on the floor and learning to walk, the carpet is much softer for the landing and the knees. And if you have a home full of kids, they will love lying around for a good movie. Hardwood floors are not comfy for the family to enjoy. And the soft look promotes a feeling of relaxation and comfort.
  5. Carpeted flooring is quieter. No one can deny that. In fact, they make practically no noise at all. And they absorb sounds too.

Summing it up: Carpet vs. hardwood

Those are just some of the reasons we prefer carpet for your Florida home. Still unsure? Take it from the experts at the Spruce. Here is what they had to say on the matter of carpet vs. hardwood.

“Carpet offers more variety in terms of color, texture, and feel, but both hardwood and carpet are available in hundreds of styles to meet almost any interior design need. Carpet is not only soft to the feel, but also to appearance, as carpeted surfaces generally have a gentle, soft appearance within the room design.”

Paradise Flooring Solutions installs carpet for your home

Paradise Flooring Solutions specializes in carpeting products and installations for your home and business. As a second-generation family-owned experienced flooring company based in Clearwater, FL., we know flooring!

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