What is the flooring trend for 2021?

What is the flooring trend for 2021?

After the upheaval of 2020, everyone is looking for their home to be the place of comfort and refuge now more than ever. In fact, all trends seemed to have led to an emphasis on comfort and wellness. Fashion trends were embracing soft pants and business comfortable clothing. Shoes changed from the 4+ inch heels to slip-ons. And work, well, it came home for many with meeting online and the use of speakers. Homeowners are renovating their houses to fit the new normal, leading us to the Flooring Trend for 2021.

Above all, flooring should reflect your preferred aesthetic and your lifestyle. You see, there are all sorts of essential memories to be made on those floors. You want them to be comforting, inviting, and all you. So, let’s get into what’s hot and what’s not and learn the flooring trend for 2021.

What Is a trend all about?

When speaking of interior design, people often get trend and fad mixed up. Make no mistake; they are very different. A fad is a “flash-in-the-pan” short-lived design that is all about today, while the trend is long-lasting and sustainable. When trends are forecasted, they play on factors like the needs and wants of the consumers and lifestyles of the time. Today, everyone seems to need low-maintenance, high durability, low-cost options in home interior design.

“I would define a trend as the styling, colors, patterns, materials, and shapes of a particular season that has a long-term influence on the market. A current trend can be derived from previous season’s trends and also current world affairs and events. In the interiors market, we are more focused on “macro” trends (bigger and longer-lasting) than “micro” trends, which are more common in fast fashion,” 

says expert designer Anthony Hughes in a MYMOVE.com interview.

According to RedFin – 10 Best Home Improvements Under $10k Worth the Investment

A favorite home improvement project among many homeowners is replacing carpet with hardwood flooring. So if your carpet looks matted from years of foot traffic or has noticeable tears from your pet’s scratches, then it’s probably time to consider replacing the flooring. To stay within your budget, consider replacing the flooring one room at a time. Start with high-traffic areas like your living room or entryway for a noticeable upgrade, without having to replace your entire home’s flooring all at once.

Flooring types for 2021

Hard surfaces are trending, and carpets remain at the top of the list for the current flooring trends. With the ease of care and durability in mind, each of the following floor types will be on point for the next several years.

  • Porcelain tile
  • Luxury vinyl plank
  • Laminate
  • Carpeting and rugs

Porcelain tile: Once only found in wet areas, Porcelain Tile flooring has taken off as the go-to flooring trend for 2021. Delivering a high-end look with low maintenance is a homeowner’s dream. These tiles come in rich marble, natural stone, travertine, hardwood, and even leather patterns, with various shapes and sizes for your luxury look.

Luxury vinyl plank: For beauty and durability, this 100% waterproof option is also scratch and stain-resistant.  Vinyl has gained significant popularity for the modern home. It looks and feels like natural wood, comes in many colors and looks, and has a multilayer design. It is a durable and affordable option, making it perfect for families and pet owners.

Laminate: is the newest option mimicking natural stone and wood with the durability homeowners can rely on. Plus, it is lower maintenance than natural wood or stone.

Carpet: This classic option is not your grandmother’s carpet. Clear advances in technology have reinvented carpeting for homes. Today, you can choose from natural fibers or synthetic. You may like a short pile or a neutral shaggy carpet. And an outdoor rug makes the back screened porch into a whole new place to gather at home.

Flooring looks for 2021

Stone and wood looks are popular, with natural look elements rising to the top. Everyone is searching for the perfect stay-at-home environment with the balance of getting out more as soon as it is safe. When people begin to venture outside and are past the global pandemic time, there are still those needing the comfort of their home for security and consistency. Making your interior as calming as possible seems to be the current way to go.

  • Stone-look: Tile or laminate in a stone look provides a natural element that is calming and soothing to the home’s interior. They come in all varieties of grays, slates, and mixed colors too.
  • Wood-look: The other side of a natural look is being one with nature in the woods used in the home. In all sorts of buff, beige, tan, browns, and more, woods provide an element needed somewhere in every home. And they too come in laminates and tiles.
  • Marble-look: They look and feel real. Everyone loves natural elements like marble, but not everyone wants to care for marble or pay for it, for that matter. And these tiles are glazed, making them waterproof and less susceptible to stain.
  • Decorative tiles: Decorative tiles lend a pop of art and beauty to any room, especially smaller rooms. In minimalist decorating, sometimes the floor has all the decoration you need.

Flooring colors for 2021

Natural colors and stains bring the tranquility of nature and calm after the storm of 2020. For flooring, the more organic, the better. Sticking around in wood flooring are the cool tones in light grays, whites, and high variation. They come in natural light tones of oak and natural browns of walnut. With the all-white kitchen on its way out, the warmer flooring paired with a dramatic darker cabinet is perfectly in style.

  • Gray wood, Blonde wood, White panel wood, and High Variation are the day’s color schemes.
  • Cool tone tiles, Black and White patterns, and Decorative tiles are all the rage for a dramatic flair or personal expression.

Popular patterns for 2021

Natural, authentic looks are on trend for hard surfaces, while carpets take a more daring turn.

Woods are popular in hand-scraped, wire-brushed, and distressed. In addition, floor framing is a hot trend. Laying out your wood in patterns is perfect for those who want to stylize their flooring.

Today’s carpets can come in frieze, Berber, and cut and loop. Using patterns in the bedroom and dining area makes a room comfy and well-designed. And, it leads to the minimalist décor, so you need fewer things in the room to make it look stylized and expressive.

Tile is now being laid in patterns as well. Alternating black and white and creating design with tile is prevalent, making each floor an art piece being the goal. Additionally, utilizing unique shaped tiles all in an understated shade lends to simplicity as well as beauty.

Things to consider when choosing flooring

When you enter a flooring showroom, the possibilities are endless. So, it is essential that you have some idea of what you like before you enter the warehouse. Creating a list of the things you want to achieve with the new flooring will help the specialist direct you on the right path. Here are the things to keep in mind.

  1. Personal style is vital in flooring, as it needs to compliment your unique style and goals for the home.
  2. Room color and feel sets the mood for the home. If you need to spice up life, try a bolder look. But if you want that spa-like oasis, muted tones and soft textures are the best.
  3. Durability is critical if your home is busy with in-and-out traffic, you have kids, or if you have pets. Make sure the correct product is chosen for the proper room.
  4. Sustainability is hot right now, and the trend is not going anywhere. Ensure the product is eco-friendly and sustainable if that is critical in your decision-making.
  5. Waterproof and stain resistance is another factor of well-loved homes. Make sure your kitchen, bathrooms, and foyer have the right product.
  6. What is on trend is essential, so you don’t tire of the look or pay for a product out of current reach. You will want the trends that will last for some time and keep looking good for years to come.
  7. How will your flooring choice affect resale? If you make too bold of a personal statement, you may regret it when people are looking to purchase your home.
  8. A cohesive design throughout the home is big right now. No longer is it popular to have different flooring in each room. Homeowners enjoy a certain flow from room to room with cohesive flooring.

Now that you are working on trend for your 2021 flooring choices, why not gather all you have learned and call your local flooring specialist?

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