Whether you need commercial flooring or residential solutions, your flooring is an essential part of the design and feel of your place. Not only that, but it is a significant investment as well. So, choosing the right product and the right installation company is critical. Therefore, if you are asking what the best commercial flooring is for your business, Paradise Flooring Solutions has the answer.

In this educational article, we will discuss the top two flooring solutions for commercial businesses.

  • Commercial grade carpeting
  • And commercial grade vinyl plank flooring
Please keep reading to learn more about why we recommend these two products for your business. And then, be sure to learn all about the service provided by Paradise Flooring Solutions, especially if you are in or around Pinellas, Hillsborough, or Polk County.

Commercial Grade Carpeting for your commercial flooring

Commercial carpet is designed for the high traffic of your business. They are perfect for most entryways, offices, airports, banks, gyms, and more. They are made more substantial and more durable than home carpeting that just doesn’t get the wear and tear commercial does.

How is commercial carpet different?

Today’s carpeting has been much improved from the old days of carpet. Commercial grade carpet is more durable than residential carpeting. It is made of either nylon, polypropylene, or polyester. All these resist stains and hold up to high traffic.

Additionally, they can come in a loop, cut pile, or carpet tile. Each type has its unique properties making it suitable for some floors and better for others.

Are there benefits to commercial carpeting?

Indeed, there are benefits to having commercial carpeting installed in your place of business. Here are a few we like to point out at Paradise Flooring Solutions.

  • Carpets provide a warm and cozy atmosphere.
  • There are limitless design options for your commercial carpet. You can choose color, texture, design, pattern, and weathering.
  • The design and shadowing you can get from carpet hides stains and wear patterns well.
  • The carpet can be cleaned to look almost new.
  • It is easy on the joints, especially if your employees are on their feet all day.
  • Carpet in a store helps deaden noise.

Vinyl plank for your commercial flooring

Does your business need a high-end look with durability? Do you not want to worry about those spills, splashes, accidents, mud, and dirt on your business flooring? Suppose you need your commercial flooring to be able to hold up to high foot traffic patterns and daily wear and tear. In that case, Commercial Grade Vinyl Plank Flooring is the answer.

What is vinyl plank flooring?

Vinyl Plank Flooring is a fast-growing part of the flooring solution trend today. It is very durable and boasts several benefits. Made of a vinyl core, stabilizing backing, and a UV coating, these planks can be made to look like most any surface. And it has a scratch-resistant wear layer, making it ideal for commercial businesses.

Vinyl Planking comes in a large variety of colors and looks. For the hardwood look and feel, there are several shades and textures to choose from. If you would prefer a tile look, consider a natural stone or a slate tile look for an upgraded floor with durability.

Benefits of vinyl plank flooring

As stated above, there are several benefits to installing Vinyl Planks in your place of business. So here are some of our favorites at Paradise Flooring Solutions.

  • Elevated Design and Texture: Available in every design, hue, and texture, your flooring can look like natural hardwood yet withstand everyday traffic.
  • Excellent Durability: Possibly the biggest reason to go with vinyl plank is the remarkable durability. It is waterproof and moisture resistant. And it resists scratches, stains, mildew, and more.
  • Simple Maintenance: It is easy to care for Vinyl Plank flooring. Soap and water does the trick.
  • Gentle on the Joints: It is easier on your body compared to wood or tile.
  • Ease of Installation: Vinyl plank can be installed over concrete, wood, terrazzo, and tile subfloors.
  • More Cost-Effective: This product will cost less and look as good as hardwood flooring.

Sub floor considerations before installation

Before installing a vinyl plank floor, make sure that you talk with a knowledgeable flooring expert about installing it on your existing flooring. You will need to make sure your subfloor meets the following requirements:

  • Ensure the subfloor is in good condition with no issues of sinking or mildew.
  • Is the subfloor free of damages, like broken or chipped tiles?
  • Smooth the surface with a buffer if needed.
  • Have the subfloor clean and dust-free for the best installation.

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Deciding on carpet or vinyl plank commercial flooring for your business

The thought of selecting the wrong flooring can be overwhelming. After all, the whole place is disrupted by the flooring change. You will want to make sure you only need to do it once. But selecting commercial flooring doesn’t have to be a chore. First things first, you’ll need to determine the general purpose of the floors in your business.

  • What type of company do you have? Medical, industrial, and the food industry all may need waterproof flooring. Retail stores may have high traffic?
  • What kind of atmosphere do you want to provide your customers? Do you need the comfort of carpet for your law firm? If you have a nautical apparel store, you may wish to have the look of hardwood. Whereas if you have a music store, you may need the sound barriers carpet helps provide.
  • How much traffic do your floors see on a given day, and is it in a specific wear pattern?
  • Will harsh chemicals, liquids, or sticky food be around your new flooring?
  • Who is it that makes up the majority of your clientele? Farmers coming into a feed store will have dirty, heavy boots. Will children be running around the place, causing you to consider the softness as well as durability? Then again, if you have a pet store, you may need the waterproof floor choice.
All these and more should go into your decision-making process. And Paradise Flooring Solutions is here to help.

Paradise Flooring Solutions installs your commercial flooring

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