Suppose you are ready to explore new flooring for your home. In that case, porcelain floor tile should definitely be on the list of materials you consider. At Paradise Flooring Solutions, we install a lot of porcelain, and our clients love it. But what exactly is porcelain flooring, and why do we recommend it? Well, let’s begin to explore.

Exploring porcelain floor tile with paradise flooring solutions

Porcelain and ceramic tile floors were once only thought of for bathrooms and kitchens. However, now they are used as a whole-house flooring solution because of their high-end look, increased durability, and low maintenance. Gorgeous rich marble, natural stone, travertine, hardwood, and even leather give homes a luxurious look and feel.

But let’s discuss the product itself and how it may fit into your design plan.

What is porcelain flooring?

Before going any further, make sure you comprehend just what porcelain tile is. You see, it is a flooring choice made of densely packed clay that is fired at an extremely high temperature, much like a clay pottery piece. In fact, it cures at a temperature that exceeds that of ceramic tile.

Porcelain tile comes in many styles and looks to elevate the design of your home interior. And it is heavier, though it is about the same thickness as a ceramic tile.

What are the benefits of porcelain tile?

Rest assured, there is a reason porcelain tile costs a bit more than ceramic and other tiles. When you take the time to explore the product’s benefits, it is evident how superior the quality is. Then you can decide whether it is worth the price for the look you are trying to achieve.

  1. Porcelain tile resists wearing like a champion. Because the product is dense with fewer air pockets and is much harder, it tends to withstand more day-to-day traffic and spills.
  2. Pet resistant too, these tiles stand up to the biggest and the toughest wear and tear by the pets in our lives.
  3. They are a low-maintenance product! That’s right! Clean up is a cinch when you have porcelain tile installed. You need not apply sealers to keep water and spills out. They do that on their own.
  4. And they are perfect for mudrooms, entryways, bathrooms, and kitchens too. High traffic and high moisture are no issues for porcelain tile.
  5. The tiles themselves are beautiful. With the highest quality and manufacturing, these tiles are an elevated look for any room of the home or business.
  6. Porcelain tiles come in a variety of styles. In fact, there are marble, granite, slate, limestone, hardwood, and more looks available to please every decor. And then they come in so many shades and patterns, more than any other product.
  7. Since they resist moisture seepage, those in wet areas subject to freezing will not awaken to shattered tile.
  8. And here is the best news… they are easy to clean. Porcelain is so dense that it does not harbor bacteria. They can simply wipe off, and your floors are clean!

Both homeowners and business owners will love the easy and clean look of porcelain tile. Here is what the experts at theSpruce have to say about the versatility of design with porcelain tile.

“One recent innovation with porcelain tile is the ability to manufacture them to resemble different materials. While ceramic tile generally has solid color and pattern, porcelain tiles are available that are remarkably good at mimicking natural stone such as marble or even wood grains. This makes porcelain tile an excellent choice where you want the look of wood without wood’s susceptibility to water damage.”

Are there disadvantages to porcelain tile?

As with any product, there may be a few disadvantages to each type. Every flooring has a specific use and style for the home if you do a bit of research.

True story: A homeowner had always wanted dark hardwood floors in the wide hand-scraped planks. After putting them in, she was delighted until the next day. She realized they weren’t the right product for a home with a white dog that sheds like crazy and her  sharp puppy nails! 

Don’t make the same mistake. If you are looking for ease and durability, look into other products, like porcelain tile in a wood look. And if you have a fluffy white dog, you may want to choose a lighter colored flooring—just a thought.

Here are a few of the “disadvantages” to porcelain tile you should take note of before deciding.

  • Porcelain tile is dense and very heavy. Once on the floor, it is not like you will be picking it back up. But a second floor may need to utilize a lighter weight product.
  • It can be challenging to install for the crew working on your flooring. Those very reasons it is so durable make it more complex to install. It is heavy and requires professional and qualified installation.
  • The installation will be more expensive due to the difficulty and time it takes to lay the tiles properly.
  • The tiles themselves are more expensive. Long term, they will last, so you will not need to replace them. However, the initial purchase and installation will be a little more costly. Hight quality often comes with a higher price tag, as you know.

All that to say, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages as long as you can afford the product and installation in your renovation budget.

Elevate the look of your place

For fashion and function, you can’t go wrong with porcelain tile. The product comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are the traditional 18″ or 20″ squares, planks that mimic actual hardwood, and the modern 12″ x 24″ large-format rectangles. Therefore, there is a flooring style in porcelain for every look. You can have the dream wood look, stone, patterned, concrete, slate, or marble look you have dreamt of.

Because it is moisture resistant, it is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and entryways. It can stand up to humidity, and you can count on tile flooring to look great for years. Additionally, it doesn’t hold dust, dirt, pollen, mites, or any other allergens. For centuries, tile floors have been used in homes because they create an upscale décor that’s low maintenance.

Are you ready to install a New porcelain floor?

Have you been considering tile flooring for your Florida home or business? Of course, we can help you with that while saving you time, money, and energy. Paradise Flooring Solutions brings the mobile flooring showroom to you. We show clients the top brands of tile flooring options in the comfort and privacy of their own home or place of business.

Paradise Flooring Solutions is the perfect economical choice for people because we have low overhead built into our flooring prices like retail showrooms. Another benefit we offer to our customers is that you get to see in real-time (in the comfort of your own home) the actual color of the tile flooring that will be in your foyer, kitchen, or bathroom in its exact lighting.

Have you ever purchased a product and taken it home, only to find the color looks different in your home? That is precisely why we bring the samples to you.

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