Here are some helpful tips to keep your flooring looking new. It becomes easier if you can establish a weekly routine and do some deep cleaning.

  • Get into corners and along baseboards to eliminate the dust and dirt.
  • For best results, plan on vacuuming weekly using a soft brush attachment to avoid scratching the laminate flooring.
  • Switch to the hard floor setting on your vacuum cleaner. This stops the beater brush from rotating so it won’t scratch the floor.
  • Water should be used sparingly in cleaning a laminate floor. If you leave water standing, it can cause the wood to swell or bubble, cause the seams to separate, or fade the floor color.
  • Use only cleaning products designed for laminate floors.
  • Every two to three months or when it’s especially dirty, damp mop. Make sure not to saturate the mop. Wring out the mop until it is almost dry. Then wipe the mop over the floors.
  • Once you have mopped, use a dry microfiber cloth or a dry mop to pick up any remaining water on the laminate.
  • For deeper cleaning, use a steam mop sparingly.
  • Avoid oil-based cleaners as they can leave streaks.
Rolling chairs

Manufactures require protective mats or protective wheel casters for all rolling chairs, rolling loads or wheel chairs in order to keep the warranty valid.

Steam mops

Don’t use steam mops on laminate flooring. Steam mops are intended for tile floors only.